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What is Combination13?

Combination13 is a creative design service. We combine custom stylised illustration with powerful creative design ideas to tag your product with originality and style.
This website is a visual guide as to what we do and what we can offer, you can also find us on Twitter & Facebook, or follow our Blog.  

“Combination 13 has been a wonderful resource for us. For understanding our needs, artistic versatility, turnaround time, professional product, pleasant demeanor and just wonderful all-around treatment, Steve can’t be beat! Considered part of the Stubborn Family.” KING DJANGO – Stubborn Records/Version City

“Steve brings to the table a broad range of illustration skills and creative concepts. That combination was just what we were looking for. Steve did a broad range of work for our clients including t-shirt graphics, bus branding, marketing material and web graphics. A big favourite was limited edition prints Steve designed to be sent out to the top creative agencies. They still grace the walls of many Art Directors. Thanks Combination 13” JOHNSON MCKAY Creative Director – The Fly Ltd

“Combination 13 and Steve are the most talented graphic designers in the country. Steve has his own style, but at the same time he always has fresh ideas which suite different projects he is working on. Very professional and extremely easy going Steve gets what the client needs really quick and comes up with awesome ideas in the blink of an eye. It’s a really awesome feeling to pick up a 7’’ by Lars Frederiksen knowing that you’re buddy Steve did the artwork for that. Or read the article in the magazine about Green Day knowing that Steve designed it. Great success!” TIM BOGDACHEV – Rocket From Russia

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Combination 13 on a number of projects, including CD album artwork, gig flyers, magazine design, adverts & t-shirt designs. I’ve always been very impressed with them, both for the high quality of the artwork they provide & also the speed with which they come up with the goods!” KEVIN FLOWERDEW – Do The Dog Music

“Truly professional work. Combination13 knows what the public wants and gives it to them. Their designs made my life better.” TOBY LEES – Offbeat Contingency

“When I’m out there moulding new societies and ushering in the dawn of a new era of civilization, it’s Combination13′s unflinching artistic direction, unbridled initiative and surprisingly competitive rates that make their fresh, clean vector work the fire on the end of my creative Molotov. Hire them or be September the 10th.” BARNEY BOOM – Sonic Boom Six

“I found out about Steve and Combination 13 from a very trusted art source, my tattoo artist. After a quick brief on what I wanted to communicate thru my company logo, Steve went to work and created a brand that has since been well received by ages ranging from 5-75 years. Steve really understands vintage design concepts and adds his own interpretation based on the end clients vision. Fast turnaround, competitive rates and a great experience.” RAMI LADKI Founder, Candy Dart Shuttle Ltd.

“As a board riding company, finding innovative and creative designers is critical for us. With Combination 13, we find a partner who understand our needs and perfectly translates them into unique Artwork every time..” JEAN-IVES DENIS – Ane Boardriding

“Combination13 have been fantastic to work with. Possessing great creative flair and the various design projects have all been completed on time. I strongly recommend using the Combination13 design service” ROBERT EWAN – Mr.Vintage

“Does what he says on the tin’ Steve’s designs are composed in an original and professional manner. His backup service is great so you know you can count on him. He has been instrumental to our brand development.” RICHARD BALDING NinePlus Ltd.

“I’ve have been hooked on Combination 13′s design work ever since I saw the fabulous cover of 3MW’s debut album Tramps Jackpot. They took our original, very vague idea and turned it into something glorious! They have designed all our T-shirts, posters and logos and never fail to impress. Simply will not be beaten on prices, speed and a very friendly service either so don’t bother wasting your time elsewhere!’ JASON CHILDS – 3 Minute Warning/Cartoon Violence

“One of the biggest problems today with commercial artists is finding one that really understands your product, but Combination 13 has got the street smarts and knows what’s cool, he ‘gets’ the product, and then takes you where you need to be!” PETE COOPER – The Porkers/Sound System Records

“Innovative, creative, and real easy to work with. A rarity amongst people and artists alike.” MARCUS GEARD – The Slackers

“Combination 13 are amazing! They pump out stellar work, at breakneck speed! I came to them in a crunch and they help me out more then I could of hoped for. The designs looked great, and I’ve had ghouls knockin’ on my door to get our new merch! Thanks Combination 13, you guys rule!” JONNY BONES – The Bone Daddies

“I set up a film production company in London and needed a company logo and DVD cover design for my recently completed first film, within days of contacting Combination13 I had both, they immediately hit the mark with a fast, precise, eye catching unique design and I cannot recommend them enough…” PAUL O’SHEA – Tyne and Tide Films

“In a world inundated with images and advertising, the average music lover knows where a musical act is, in terms of its professionalism, more often by its look than its sound. Combination13, in the blink of an eye, elevates you, and clarifies what you are about in a way that surprises and impresses.They want what you want; the best representation of your dreams and hard work that leaves an impression and a desire to know more. Combination13 is a no-regrets investment.” CHRIS RYAN – Fuzzcat

“Combination13 is the only person that I would trust to do the designs for my projects, because I know that he cares about them as much as I care about the project, and he is the most prompt artist I know of.” SAM GURSKY – Film-Maker

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